VoIP Services

Upgrade your business communications with the leading Voice over Internet Protocol systems from Nextiva

Tired of dealing with your phone company and their outdated hardware?

With Nextiva VoIP solutions, you can unify your email, messaging, text, voice, and video communications on one easy-to-use platform for enhanced collaboration and customer service. As a certified Nextiva partner, 360IT Partners provides you with 100% cloud-based communication solutions at a fraction of traditional phone service costs. We’ll also manage and maintain everything for you, so you can simplify your business communications, increase your productivity, and serve your customers better.

The many benefits of of Nextiva VoIP solutions include:

Cost savings versus traditional communication solutions, and there’s no need to purchase new handsets

Voice, video, chat, SMS, email, and more, all linked seamlessly on a centralized dashboard

Internet-powered communications that deliver higher quality and reliability than old phone lines

Cloud integrations that enable advanced features and capabilities not available with older phone systems

Improve your business communications the fast and easy way

Through a combination of communication, collaboration and mobility solutions, Nextiva helps companies of all sizes and industries run more efficiently and increase productivity and profitability while reducing their communication costs. Partner with 360IT Partners, and we’ll help you find the right VoIP setup for your business, install everything quickly and seamlessly, configure the system to your unique needs, and maintain everything for you. You’ll enjoy ease of use and enhanced communications without the hassle and time investment.

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