Document Management Solutions

Fully managed solutions that keep your physical and digital documents organized, accessible, and safe

Need a better way to securely store and organize documents?

Tired of rifling through file cabinets that take up valuable space? Your documents, both physical and digital, are a monumental hassle to manage, but they are vital to your operations. 360IT Partners offers an array of Document Management Solutions that enable you to easily convert paper documents to digital ones and organize them for easy access. We set up, configure, and maintain everything for you, so you can enjoy a secure database of all your documents, and more space in your office after you ditch the cabinets.

We offer the leading Document Management Solutions on the market, including Ademero, which enables you to:

Capture every document pertaining to your clients and automatically convert them to PDFs

Retrieve and manage the information directly through your browser without the pain of searching through file cabinets

Save time and money by accessing your documents anytime, anywhere

Save documents to your desktop, email them to others, print them for markup, modify them, add additional pages, and more

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