Cloud Services

We partner with the industry leaders of cloud-based services to bring you the best solutions for your business

Ready to thrive in the cloud?

Without an agile, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure, most businesses can’t survive in the modern market. The benefits are just too good to ignore, but to get the most out of the cloud, you need a reliable IT partner to help you migrate to and manage your infrastructure. 360IT Partners has been on the forefront of cloud computing since its inception, and we’ll ensure you can seamlessly upgrade to a game-changing cloud infrastructure.



360IT Partners’ Cloud Services give you:

Higher data security, as your systems and data are housed in fortified, monitored data centers

Better scalability, because you can easily add users on the fly as you grow and expand

Cost savings, as you no longer need to pay to house, power, cool, or maintain in-house servers

More effective collaboration, thanks to real-time editing and sharing of files

With 360IT Partners' Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions, you can easily

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