About Us

Founded in 1995, 360IT PARTNERS is based in Virginia Beach, VA and serves the entire Southeastern Virginia region. The company’s mission is to reliably deliver outstanding IT systems and support services to clients that improve productivity, uptime, and profitability.

Specializing in outsourced IT support, 360IT PARTNERS delivers a sustainable platform that consists of monitoring and proactively managing their clients’ networks. This is accomplished by using the industry’s leading remote monitoring and management software platform, blended with an extremely talented and experienced staff that is passionate about problem solving. This approach removes the burden of managing complicated networks and ever-changing technologies from the business customer.

“We are finding more companies are looking outside their organization to rely on trusted IT solution partners due to cost savings and targeted IT specialization” says President and CEO, Martin Joseph.

By providing experienced IT talent either onsite or remotely via a helpdesk, 360IT PARTNERS is able to effectively manage their clients’ networks by automating the support process and deliver client satisfaction by resolving issues quickly. Beyond supporting end-users and networks, 360IT PARTNERS‘s critical capability extends to deploying both local and enterprise networks by partnering with Microsoft, VMware, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Ademero and EMC to name but a few.

A quarterly meeting at a CIO level ensures success by addressing critical issues such as compliance, security, disaster recovery, and acceptable user policies.

360IT PARTNERS services a wide variety of vertical markets including Manufacturing, Distribution, Legal, Financial, Insurance, Services, Healthcare, and Ship Building and Repair.