Document Management

Document Management Solution Guide

Document Management Solutions - Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake

Ademero brings convenience to your desktop with the all-in-one, browser-based document management system. Capture every document pertaining to your clients. Retrieve and manage the information without the pain of searching through file cabinets.

Discover the benefit of an all-in-one, browser-based document management system.
ADEMERO makes deployment easy by eliminating the need for client-based applications.
Maintain tight security on all your documents with permissions-based group & user accounts.

Document Management Solutions - Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake
Capture & Code

Content Central™ contains the tools necessary to capture your paper documents and convert them to searchable PDF files. Batch scan groups of documents for each client and let the software automatically name and store them thanks to Ademero’s innovative QCARD™ and DIRECTSCAN™ technology. You can also capture any electronic file including e-mails.

When generated, QCARDS™ contain relevant information about documents to be scanned. Documents can be fully coded before scanning or queued for coding after scanning based on your preference. DIRECTSCAN™ lets you capture paper directly into your web browser using your local desktop scanner.

Document Management Solutions - Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake
Retrieve & Manage
Once the documents have been captured and converted, the same document properties provided when coding during the capture phase can be used to retrieve them in seconds. Because each document can be captured separately, you’re able to retrieve a specific document or all documents pertaining to a client. You’ll save time and money in the process by accessing these documents with a web browser on site or off site.

Once you retrieve documents, you can save them to your desktop, e-mail them to others, print them for markup, use the check-out feature for modifications, add to them with additional pages, and more! Administrators define security levels which determine the actions each user can perform. Experience the benefits yourself with Content Central™!

With Ademero you are fully supported, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any day of the year!