Valentine’s Day Referral Program

We view referrals as the highest form of flattery. For a limited time, if you refer a business with a network of 12 or more users we will send you a special Valentine’s Day Box from Godiva.

Simply give us the name of one fellow business owner or decision maker you know who might benefit from our services and you’ll get a whole box of luxurious, chocolaty treats to share (or keep to yourself!)

If you are currently a client of 360IT PARTNERS, then you know the benefits of our services:

  • Complete ownership - we take total ownership of all your technology problems
  • Less downtime - our top priority is to keep you up and running
  • Top level security - we protect your data with industry leading tools
  • Speedy response time - your time is too important to wait around for repair

By recommending a business client, you help them enjoy worry-free IT and earn a reward for yourself!

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